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.Pargo led ●Shenzhen with 33◆ while Gu Quan he■lped with 20. Meng ●Duo and He Zhongmi○an had 18 and 12■ re

spectively. ■Maciej Lampe added 1

■7 and eight re〓bounds
Project 01

."We played go■od defense ?/h4>

nter Games0■2-21-2017 06:42 BJ◆TSAPPORO, Japan, F●eb. 20 (Xinhua) -■- Cross-cou■ntry skier Ma○n Dandan w●on the women's○ 1.4 km individual s〓print clas○sical here on Mond○ay, pocketing● China's f●irst gold at ●the eighth Asia◆n Winter G〓ames."I was i■n good form to●day," said

  • 鰐onight. Everyo○ne on the court○ tr
  • ied his best,"● said Wang Jianjun■, head coach● of Shenzh◆en
  • . "Those three●-pointers he

●lped our player◆s establis○hin

g their confide◆nce. I
Project 02

think i◆t will help us in◆

◆the 28-year-old ○girl after wining ●the title in the fi○nal round with 3〓 minutes and 48.2■9 seconds.●"I didn't ●think much, but just● focused on the game●s. As a vetera●n, I want to s○et a good example f■or my younger t■eammates by d■oing my best rega◆rdless of the■ results

  • the next m●atches."Only● three Guan
  • gdong〓 players score○d in double-dig◆its. Donald S○loan led
  • the tea●m with 27 and 11 re

b■ounds. Zhou Peng to●ok 25 and

Car◆los Boozer ha〓d 13
Project 03

. Guangdong's al○l-star for

," she○ said.Mikko Olavi V■irtanen, head coach 〓of the Chinese cro●ss-country skii◆ng team, said after○ the game that he● is happy with M●an Dandan's perfo○rmance."Sh●e is a super talen■ted sprint ski■er... Her biggest p○roblem before was ○to maintain the ◆speed for ●four round

  • ward Yi Ji◆anlian, who wa◆s injured
  • in ◆Game 2, played for ■30 minutes but〓 finished with◆ only
  • seven points◆."We played◆

a tough ma◆tch. Our opponents○ h

ad quite a hi○gh accura
Project 04

c●y because we didn'■t giv

s of the ●competition. ◆We have bee●n working on〓 that for the past● seven months. I h◆ave been giving ●her advice such as■ how to save the en●ergy till the f●inal round,"■ he said, ●adding that Man is a○ good learne■r.He also said th■at the Chines〓e cross-coun■try skiing● te

  • e them enou●gh pressure," said○ Guan
  • gdong's○ head coach Du Fe○ng. "Defense will■ be out priority
  • in● the next ■game."The fo

urth g●ame of the● series will s

Project 05

til○l be played in 〓Longga

am has a hug◆e potential. "We ha■ve a quite you○ng team. We still ha〓ve five more y◆ears to Beijing◆ Winter Oly●mpics. I hope○ we can continu◆e this goo〓d work for a long ●term," he said.Yel〓ena Kolomina fr○om Kazakhstan too■k the sliver an〓d Ju Hye Ri from Sou●th Korea got the

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鰄atChina boo●sts cartoon, gam◆e

cooperation alo〓ng Bel
Project 06

t an■d RoadChina boo●sts c

bro■nze. Australia〓's Casey Wright ◆finished t●he third in ○the final r■ound but did no■t get a medal as a〓 guest athlete.In● the men's ■event, Kim Magnus● of South Korea wo■n the gold and Sun ●Qinghai of○ China took th〓e silver, w●hile the bro■nze went to Nobuhi●to Kashiwab

  • artoon, g○ame cooper●ation along ○B
  • elt and Ro○adChina boost●s cartoon, game coop〓eration along B
  • elt ■and Road02-27-2017 〓0

6:54 BJTChi●na wi

ara fr〓om Japan. Pleas〓e scan the QR Code ●to follow ●us on InstagramPlea●se scan the Q●R Code to follow us ●on WechatKris Wu〓 and Jiang Ji■nfu play in NBA● All-Star Celebr●ity GameKr●is Wu and Jiang ○Jinfu play i■n NBA All-Star C●elebrity Game〓Kris Wu and Jia●ng Jinfu p■lay in NBA A■ll-Star Celebrity ◆Game02-20-2017 07:◆43 BJTPlease s●can the QR Code t◆o follow

a○tional coo○peratio

u○s on Instagr◆amPlease sc〓an the QR Cod●e to follow us ○on WechatJi Yanyan ●crowned MVP ●in North's 116-110 w〓in over Sou〓th in 2017 WCBA Al◆l-Star GameJi Ya〓nyan crowned M○VP in North's 116-1■10 win over Sout◆h in 2017 W〓CBA All-Star Ga■meJi Yanyan crowne〓d MVP in North's● 116-110 win over So○ut

ame indu○stry in coun

h in 2017 〓WCBA All-Star Game〓01-22-2017 08:00● BJTDAQING, China, J■an. 21 (Xinh○ua) -- Home cr○owd favorite Ji ●Yanyan snatched t◆he Most Valuable● Player (MVP) ●trophy with ●a game-high 31 point■s, helping the◆ North beat t■he South 116-11●0 in the 2○017 Chines〓e Women's Basketba●ll Association (WCB〓A) All-Star● Game here on Satur●day.Ji shot ○10 of 11 in t〓h

  • s along the ●Belt and Road, said ●authorities on ●Sunday.A co■operation and exc○hange p
  • rog■ram in the se●ctor was launched ●on Sunday,● said organizers ■of the China○ International Carto◆on and Game Exp○o schedule●d for July i
  • n Shangh●ai.The event ●will have a special ◆Belt and Road hall● to exhibit cartoon ○works from partic
  • ipa〓ting countries and ◆boost commercial coo〓peration.China's Min〓istry of Cultu〓re has made i〓t a key ta◆s
  • k this year t◆o strengthen coope○ration in the cart〓oon and game s〓ector alon●g the Belt and Road○.The Belt and Road ?/li>
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  • e, p●roposed by Chin●a in 2013, a〓ims to build◆ a trade a■nd infr
  • astruct■ure network con●necting Asia
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Silk Road tr■ade rout

e paint field an〓d 3 of 7 from be〓yond the a●rc. Her teammat●es Shao Ting● and Sylvia Fo■wles added 16 apie●ce."Thanks my ●teammates for c〓reating many op●portunities for me,"● commented the ●newly-crowned ●MVP.After W●u Di opened the No■rth's scorin〓g account wit◆h a three-pointer, ●both team were invol■ved in a fierce ●contest, and the So■uth led by just one● point as

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, es.The expo,● which has elit. Donec ac ante arcu, quis auctor sapien. Morbi magna leo, dapibus a pulvinar et, pharetra scelerisque felis. Mauris massa magna, gravida vitae convallis sagittis, sagittis ac ipsum. Integer arcu justo, vehicula vel accumsan ac, venenatis in massa. Curabitur in dui in urna interdum ullamcorper. Pellentesque ut imperdiet libero.” John Doe, been he

l●d annually in Shan?/h4>

the fir■st quarter ran out●.Ji Yanyan buil〓t a good se◆cond-quart●er start fo〓r the North with ●two consecutive lay■ups, before her team●mate Yang Ban●ban extended the ma●rgin with a three-〓point play. With◆ 6:30 remai●ning, the Nor○th built a do◆uble-digit l○ead for the firs●t time thr〓oughout the game. Fu○eled by Shao ●Ting's spotlight pe●rformance, the〓 North made

駁hai since 20●05, is

a go〓od comebac●k to lead at 66●-57 into the ha■lftime.Ji ○continued her hot mo◆mentum in the se●cond half with th◆ree 3-pointers ■in just two minute○s, earning the North◆ a double-fi◆gure lead again.T●he South cut t■he deficit○ to three with ●eight points in a ro◆w early in the f〓inal period, and t●ied at 105◆ with 3:40 rem■aining on Sun Me◆ngxin's layup. Ji'◆s three

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  • 魌Man Dandan wins ●China's fi■rst gold at ●Asian Winter◆ GamesMan Dandan○ wins
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